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What age group does Fresh Air work with?

Fresh Air works with individuals and couples ages 18 and up.


What can I expect after making my first appointment?

Before your intake appointment, you will be invited via email to create a portal, through which you will complete your profile and sign consents and Fresh Air policies.  These steps need to be completed before your intake appointment.  We will also go over these consents and policies, including confidentiality and its limits, during the first part of your intake appointment.

We will then talk about relevant background information, and about what brought you to Fresh Air.


How many sessions will I need?

It is difficult to determine exactly how many sessions you will need.  That being said, therapy does not have to last forever.  Early on in therapy, we will collaboratively decide treatment goals and periodically check in on and assess progress on those goals.

Once you feel like you have the tools to manage your concerns on your own, we can discuss whether it's a good time to conclude treatment.


I don’t live in DC, PA, Dubai, or India. Can I still receive services at Fresh Air?

Fresh Air is able to provide therapy services in regions where there are no local restrictions or license requirements.  I have professional counselor (LPC) licenses in the District of Columbia and Pennsylvania in the US, so if you live in these two jurisdictions within the US, you can receive treatment at Fresh Air.  For other countries, please reach out and I will let you know if I can provide therapy in that region.


Will what I talk about remain confidential?

Fresh Air follows professional, ethical, and legal guidelines of the American Counseling Association.  Information exchanged at Fresh Air remains completely confidential, unless there is reason to believe that the client(s) may harm themselves or others, or in cases of abuse of children, elders, or people with disabilities.  Fresh Air uses HIPAA compliant client portals, video platforms, and phone services.


How much will therapy cost?

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