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There’s no place
like hope

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Fresh Air is a safe space where you can find solace,

explore your needs, express yourself freely,

and most importantly, feel heard without judgment.

We've all felt overwhelmed, anxious, sad, scared, worried,

and experienced the urge for some fresh air.

Sometimes, we just need to engage in self-care,

even when everything is going well.

Through self-exploration, Fresh Air hopes to help you

find answers, meaning, direction, clarity,

or whatever else you need to live a meaningful and healthy life.

About Home

A collaborative process of therapy between a person and a therapist, centered around goals that the person decides with the therapist.

The process of therapy between a couple and the therapist, in order to attain commonly agreed upon goals for the relationship.

Supervision for graduates pursuing professional counselor licenses (LPC)

in the District of Columbia

and Pennsylvania

Consultations between your therapist and other healthcare professionals

(psychiatrist, primary care physician, neurologist, etc.)

create a multidisciplinary approach to your treatment.

At Fresh Air, we feel passionate about taking the time

for a collaborative approach to help you holistically.

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